I fucking hate feminism.

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

A new feminism meme on the internet? No way!

The video above contains a long, emotionally driven “apology” from a group of male feminists named “Conscious Men”. These “conscious men” took it upon themselves in the video to apologize for the supposed centuries of oppression women have had to endure (of course men are to blame). The men – I would not even call them men – appear in the video all with empathetic gazes, as if they were pretending to stare into women’s eyes to prove how their apology is sincere (and not trying to score some points, even though that is what it seems like).

I don’t understand the drive necessary to push such an anti-masculine message. I mean, masculinity within men is mostly innate,  a complete fruit can still possess remnants of manhood that exist on an instinctual level. Now of course, these fellows define masculinity differently and distinguish between the status quo masculinity and “conscious” masculinity. Nowhere do they define what the hell they mean by this exactly, but I should expect that. To them, ‘conscious’ masculinity is probably masculinity accepted by feminists, which is the antithesis of the pursuit in the first place!

This desire to maintain a state where you offend no group and no person infects all facets of society now. Although this is just one video of some crazy group, I think this is political correctness evolving. As of now, we are aware of PC and the  it exhibits at times, however, it is still commonplace in both the media and society for people to respond to arguments with “that’s offensive” or “I”m offended” or “that’s racist” or “that’s sexist”, as a counter-argument. What if the next wave of political correctness is an even more ridiculous revision of social histories; are the new wave of feminists going to say they were mathematical geniuses and Amazonian warrior women before male patriarchal oppression begun?


  1. Cold Eternal says:

    The only thing worse than feminists are these dweebs that pander to them. Maybe they should all swap genitalia. Im sure there are some “Finn” surgeons that would love to do the operations!

  2. These kind of stunts transcend political correctness. They deviate off into some disturbed dimension of psychological castration and sex masochism. As you point out, it’s the epitome of feminism-induced emasculation marauding as enlightenment. We really need to bring back shame into society, and some steel-toe patriarchy.

    I dub them the Gelding Gang.

  3. Yaotl says:

    I, a male, will not apologize for the “oppression” of what trauma these women endured under. Fuck these pansy ass faggots.

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