The Anti-Defamation League are simply Jewish Nationalists (and Thought Police)

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ADL Logo

The Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913 “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” Now the nation’s premier civil rights/human relations agency, ADL fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all.

A leader in the development of materials, programs and services, ADL builds bridges of communication, understanding and respect among diverse groups, carrying out its mission through a network of 30 Regional and Satellite Offices in the United States and abroad. [1]


Paging Orwell!

Although it has become quite cliché to reference Orwell and his conception of agents of ‘thought police’ in worlds, I believe the ADL fits the criteria almost perfectly. They are a group that decrees a ‘multiculturalist’ message, but in fact they are a group of nationalists who use “Antisemitism” to crush any criticism of their agitation for Jewish interests. It is devious, but also brilliant.


Let us define the category of ‘thought police’ first.

It is the job of the Thought Police to uncover and punish thoughtcrime and thought-criminals, using psychology and omnipresent surveillance […] to find and eliminate members of society who were capable of the mere thought of challenging ruling authority. [7]

This is the definition used the 1984 fiction, so it will need some modifying for the real world (although not much).


The ADL’s main mission, we can deduce from above, is to prevent the spread of anti-Semitic messages throughout society. Let us get one thing clear, the ADL claims it opposes all forms of bigotry, but it is more useful  (and clear) to look at them as a Jewish nationalist group. The ADL claims anyone who criticizes the Israeli state and its actions, is simply trying to exhibit their anti-Semitism through a different medium.  On their home website, they even provide resources to assist Jews who wish to agitate for pro-Israeli legislation to their representatives [2].  They also have cookie-cutter responses ready on their website to counter anti-Israeli sentiments [3]. It is obvious, if we look at the ADL’s mission statement and web entries, that they are Jewish nationalists that advocate for their own interests without regard for others. I am not saying this (ethnocentric nationalism) is a bad quality to possess, but in the media the ADL portrays itself as a shield of tolerance and an example of a ‘victimized’ people that fights back against cultural and ethnic repression. The ADL is not anything special, they are a group of nationalists.

If you are not convinced of the ADL’s efforts to silence any anti-Israeli sentiment, take a look at this instance:

In the 1970’s, the group was caught distributing lists of persons deemed as enemies, according to SF Weekly in its February issue. Among those who were defamed for being “pro-Arab propagandists” was the highly renowned professor Noam Chomskey. In 1993, according to the same source, the ADL was caught illegally spying on nearly 10,000 people “including members of socialist, labor and anti-apartheid groups.” [4]

As early as the ’70s, the ADL has been on a mission to quell any anti-Zionist dissent, and it makes sense. The ADL is agitating for a Jewish state, and since they are not criticized for their clandestine spying behavior, they have succeeded in being able to amass significant censorship operations to meet their objective. Notice how the group views their opposition as ‘enemies’, not simply as people who differ ideologically, but ‘enemies’ who are vehemently opposed to them. This is a great tactic, demonizing your opposition and categorizing their dissent as ‘anti-Semitic’ in the mainstream effectively destroys any method of your opposition being able to voice their opinion in a significant medium. Again, there is a common theme, the ADL is a devious group, but brilliant! The Gestapo would be proud!

It seems the ADL even crusades against intellectuals as well! I wouldn’t call Chomsky a ‘pro-Arab’ propagandist (since he is fucking Jewish himself), but since Chomsky is slightly influential to the intellectual mainstream, the ADL responds to his criticism with a little extremism.

And take a look at this interesting partnership:

“YouTube is an incredible tool for sharing videos and giving individuals an opportunity to broadcast themselves, but like other social networking sites it can be abused or used for sinister and dangerous purposes,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “There are those who may try to exploit the technology to spread racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of hate.” [5]

Exploiting technology, eh?

Having a stake in the popular video-sharing website makes sense as well for the ADL. Foxman, you are the one using technology as exploitation, using it to demonize your opposition and protect Jewish ideological interests whilst hiding under a veil of altruistic endeavor!

They have even tried to get their hands into American libraries, by going after the ALA for ‘anti-Israel’ sentiment.[6]


Now, let us see if the ADL sufficiently meets the conditions for ‘Thought Police’.

Thoughtcrime is the most obvious similarity, the ADL calls its thoughtcrime ‘anti-Semitism’. Anyone who exhibits any anti-Israeli sentiment is immediately deemed ‘anti-Semitic’ (as if it were a crime) and dismissed as such. In this instance, thoughtcriminals would be those who express said anti-Semitic attitudes. The ADL’s mission statement I provided makes it pretty clear what their objective is.

Does the ADL use psychology and omnipresent surveillance to find and eliminate who challenge their authority?

You bet your ass they do. The earlier examples of ADL espionage and target listing, I believe, are sufficient evidence that shows the ADL relies on cloak-and-dagger surveillance to obtain awareness of their opposition’s activities. The ADL also uses psychology to undermine their opponents, to see this one must simply look at the example of the ADL’s attack on Chomsky. The ADL accused Noam of expressing ‘pro-Arab propaganda’ and simply reduced his position to political meme-spreading. Chomsky, however, makes it clear his anti-Israel position is one based on his general attitude towards imperialism [8]. The ADL uses black and white thinking, the classic fallacious mentality of  ‘if you are not with us, you are against us’. They undermine their opponents by making anti-Semitism (or anti-Israeli sentiment) akin to a pathological disorder, a disease. Obviously, opposition to Jewish nationalism can and is more complex than that, but people like Foxman would rather not debate the merits of his people’s nationalism, he just wants to call dissenters names and leave it at that.


There you have it.

The ADL is nothing but a group of Jewish nationalists who use psychological tricks and manipulation to advance their interests. Personally, I would not mind Jewish nationalism if, at least, they were HONEST about their mission. If they did not demonize other racial groups and their attempts at nationalism, (like say, white people) then their nationalism wouldn’t seem so sinister. Hiding under a veil of tolerance and ‘anti-bigotry’ is a lazy tactic, because it allows groups like the ADL to advance their own interests without having to actually discuss why their interests ought to be agitated for. Why argue with someone when you can just call them an ‘anti-Semite’?

Groups like the ADL really suck because they give malicious representations of Jewish people. It seems as if Jewish intellectual and political leaders do more to portray a negative Jewish Stereotype than fight it, and damn do they do a good job.

The ADL is one of the greatest examples of any agency coming close to the category of ‘Thought Police’.


As eloquently described by Noam Chomsky in his book Necessary Illusions (1989):

The leading official monitor of anti-Semitism, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith, interprets anti-Semitism as unwillingness to conform to its requirements with regard to support for Israeli authorities…. The logic is straightforward: Anti-Semitism is opposition to the interests of Israel (as the ADL sees them). …
The ADL has virtually abandoned its earlier role as a civil rights organization, becoming “one of the main pillars” of Israeli propaganda in the U.S., as the Israeli press casually describes it, engaged in surveillance, blacklisting, compilation of FBI-style files circulated to adherents for the purpose of defamation, angry public responses to criticism of Israeli actions, and so on. These efforts, buttressed by insinuations of anti-Semitism or direct accusations, are intended to deflect or undermine opposition to Israeli policies, including Israel’s refusal, with U.S. support, to move towards a general political settlement. [9]

ADL charged with defamation in Colorado, largest punitive damage payment in Colorado legal history ($10 MIL!):

A civil lawsuit that began with a neighbors’ dispute over garden plants and fighting dogs has ended in a judgment against the Denver-based chapter of the Anti-Defamation League — and what is believed to be the largest defamation judgment ever awarded in a Colorado trial.

On April 28, a 12-member jury in U.S. District Court here sided with the plaintiffs, William and Dorothy Quigley of Evergreen. The Quigleys had sued the Mountain States chapter of the ADL and that chapter’s director, Saul Rosenthal.

The jury awarded the Quigleys damages, mostly punitive, of $10.5 million — a figure that astonished defendants and plaintiffs alike in the drawn-out and complex case.

The jury found that several public statements made in 1994 by Rosenthal on behalf of the ADL defamed the Quigleys and resulted in actual and punitive damages. [10]












  1. Cold Eternal says:

    Good job in exposing that disgusting tortious , meddlesome and obstructionist freak show called the ADL , and the slimy mass of endo-toxins that is in charge of it. There seems no amount of contradiction that his ilk are willing to avoid , in their megalomaniacal pursuit to inject their zion-toxin into our communication and educational media. I want to see more lawsuits end like that one and leave the remnants of the ADL despondent, bankrupt and absolutely , universally despised !

  2. Unamused says:

    Good post. (Good posts.)

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